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First Bank & Trust Company Raises Awareness of Elder Abuse

According to the National Council on Aging, almost 90 percent of the financial abuse committed against older Americans is done by someone they know. More than ever, it is imperative for seniors to select a trustworthy person to properly manage their finances and personal affairs. 

“Fraudsters often prey on seniors experiencing cognitive decline, limited mobility and other disabilities that require them to rely more heavily on others for help,” stated W. Mark Nelson, President and CEO of First Bank & Trust Company. “Appointing someone you trust to handle your financial matters aids tremendously in the fight against these crimes.”

In recognition of World Elder Abuse Day on June 15th, First Bank & Trust Companyoffers seven tips to help choose the right financial caregiver and prevent financial abuse: 

·          When delegating financial decisions, make sure it’s someone you trust. If you are unable to facilitate financial transactions, carefully choose a trustworthy person to act a…
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3 Banking Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business Money in 2020

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How Secure Are Your Debit & Check Cards?

When it comes to using debit cards or check cards, you may worry about security and safety - especially if you are using them online. This is likely because there are many news stories about scam artists who may try to steal access to your checking account via your debit card information. There's also a number of misconceptions out there that lead people to believe that, unlike credit card protection features, you'll simply be out of luck if someone begins making purchases from the checking account linked to your debit card or check card. This is simply not true. Fortunately, there are many security features in modern debit cards and check cards that help prevent theft and unauthorized use. The following are some of the common safety features that most debit cards have, including a few that are unique to our First Bank and Trust debit cards:

The MobiMoney App When it comes to our customer's safety and security, First Bank and Trust goes above and beyond by offering the MobiMon…

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From Hometown To Campus, We've Got You Covered

We offer products and services to meet the needs of our customers throughout the many different stages of life. Here are the best ones for college students.

Checking with Perks Where else can you get roadside assistance, cell phone protection and discounts all from your checking account? Gain access to the FirstPerks app when you open a Checking with Perks account and enjoy over 450,000 discounts and deals from national retailers and local businesses. Use this budget-friendly feature of the FirstPerks app to save money in your hometown or at your favorite places around campus.

Card Control with MobiMoney Maintaining academics and a social life can be challenging and the last thing you want to deal with is a missing check card. With MobiMoney, you can turn your card on or off from your mobile device. But that’s not all. MobiMoney also allows you to set spending limits and monitor transactions within the app or by receiving instant alerts via text message. You can even set merchant prefer…

Choosing The Right Payment Processing Equipment for Your Business

Operate your business smarter, not harder by choosing the right payment processing equipment.
There are a multitude of duties and responsibilities that demand your time when you’re running a business. Aside from managing inventory, supervising employees and all the other administrative duties, your payment system may not be top-of-mind, which could be a deal-breaker when it comes to making your business more profitable. Choosing the right equipment can seem like a daunting task, but it’s all about understanding how you want to get paid.

Accepting credit cards, checks or both If you accept credit cards, the Clover suite of products makes doing business easier by providing you with the right mix of POS hardware and software allowing your business to accept credit cards, EMV® chip and contactless payments like Apple Pay® from customers, safely and securely.

Powered by technology from First Data, an industry leader in payment processing solutions, Clover is not just an EMV solution, it&#…